The Benefits of Steam Vacuum Cleaners

A recent development in home appliances is Steam Vacuum cleaners which have made conventional cleaners a thing of days gone by because of latest innovations in technology home appliances are readily changing as well. They are simple devices which use thick jets of steam at low pressure at the cleaning nozzle along with the usual air suction device as in conventional cleaners, to clean surfaces like hard floors and carpets. Steam cleaners are lightweight and compact which makes them easy to carry around. Following are some of the numerous benefits of steam cleaners which will definitely make you consider buying one.

Steam is hygienic:
A heat of around 120 degrees centigrade is produced when the steam is used in the cleaner. This kind of heat can easily kill almost 99% of commonly found household germs and dust mites. The steam even sanitizes the debris sucked up by the vacuums before it is sent to the dust bag. The carpets, floors and other surfaces which are vacuumed by steam cleaner are disinfected and cleansed of germs as well, leaving them absolutely germ free and healthy to use.

Kills Pests and Insects:
The steam which cleanses surfaces is hot enough to wipe out ants, mites, fleas and other pests usually found in the houses. This is one of the main reasons steam vacuum cleaners are becoming increasingly popular because a conventional vacuums cannot do such jobs. A steam cleaner first kills them with jets of high temperature steam jets then sucks up their corpses leaving your carpets and floors totally free of harmful insects and germs.

Shortens Cleaning Period:
Another benefit of these cleaners is that the superheated waters they employ in their cleaning softens those hard-to-wash, stubborn stains on floors and carpets. For example, no matter which conventional vacuum cleaner you use you can’t get rid of heavy dried food stains from floors. Ultimately you use a rag and a cleaning detergent to cleanse them off. But the heat and moisture from a steam vacuums softens up these kinds of stains and blots as well and vacuum sucks them leaving the floors clean. The same way you can clean almost any surface you could think of.

Air Cleaning:
These cleaners not only clean surfaces but purify air as well. They are usually fitted with HEPA filters which purify the outgoing air thus you get purified air as a byproduct of cleaning floors.

Chemical Free:
Since these cleaners use only steam and heat in vacuuming you get rid of buying hazardous chemicals which you otherwise have to buy for conventional VC. Though the steam is reliable for removing dust and stains but you can use chemicals as well, although it is not usually advised. If you want to go for chemical cleaning then you should choose bio-degradable ones as green chemicals which are also helpful in removing allergens from households.