Property Preservation

We are a full-service preservation company that has been in business over 20 years. We manage bank owned properties through all phases of the foreclosure process. We have a full in-house support staff that are dedicated to helping our independent vendors and clients in reaching the best in completing and updating work.

People also ask

What is a property preservation company?

Property preservation contractors maintain foreclosed properties for banks and property management companies. … It is the job of property preservation contractors to perform repairs, secure points of entry, clean interiors and maintain exterior landscaping.

What is the primary goal of property preservation?

The purpose of property preservation is to protect and preserve vacant properties.

Our Services

We lead the industry in managing a full scope of mortgage field services on vacant, defaulted, and foreclosed properties.

What distinguishes (Green Clean Fresh) is our commitment to delivering excellent customer service and performing at the highest levels of quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness.

Through our investment in technology, ongoing education, and rigorous quality control we measure and monitor all aspects of service delivery to assure that we continuously meet or exceed industry guidelines and client expectations.

Property Preservation

Keeping vacant properties secure, safe, and well-maintained.

Securing: Once a property is deemed vacant, a contractor will secure it and perform a lock change according to investor or insurer guidelines.


Vacant properties are vulnerable to costly damages from frozen and burst water lines, so our contractors winterize all plumbing fixtures.

Debris Removal

Our debris removal services inspect a house for all fallen or damaged material and sure it and perform a lock change according to investor or insurer guidelines.


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