Rug Cleaning Services


Let us make you understand that carpets and rugs attract and accumulate dirt particles that you cannot quickly identify and spot. People consider mopping and vacuuming as complete cleaning task for their houses and offices. However, they forget about the dirt, stains, and dust that carpet and rugs accumulated and cannot be easily cleaned without the assistance of expert cleaners with their appropriate cleaning equipment. Being the most trusted and certified carpet cleaning. We have taken a pledge to leave no stone upturned to clean your house and office.


Commercial and Residential Rug Cleaning in Georgia:
We have the expertise in providing cleaning services to commercial as well as residential areas. Our highly trained technicians will ensure that all varieties of rugs and carpets are thoroughly cleaned, dehumidified and sanitized. Sometimes damaged rugs and carpets need complete repair work done, again you do not have to worry because GREEN CLEAN FRESH is here to help
you out.


Small Rug (4X6) $55
Med Rug (6X8) $88
Large Rug (8X12) $150
(The price above is for in home cleaning only)
Pick up & Delivery $250-$350